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Fear - The Deadliest Virus of All

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What are we so afraid of? Without fear we would not be able to protect ourselves from real danger for survival. However, too much of it can cause us more harm than we realize. Yes it is important to stay alive as best as we can, but we need to live our lives with less worry or we will prevent ourselves from true growth. The problem with fear is that it keeps our mind stuck in the future saying 'What if' about everything. When we are constantly in the future we are not aware of our presence and being present. Now that we live in a society with such technological advancement that we don't need to anticipate death from lack of basic needs, but now we create more unlikely anxieties about death in our mind. Many of our worries are mostly in our head and relating to drama and emotional pain from the past or potential future. Therefore, we are holding more fearful energy internally which then reflects outwards, causing a ripple effect.

Fear makes us do a lot of things we may not realize are unnecessary and not in our control. We can try our best to control everything outside of us because we want to avoid controlling ourselves. Concern of not having something we need to survive becomes our biggest distraction from what truly matters. Our unease makes us want more of everything because we may run out or not have it ever again. Then we are taking away from and damaging those who can barely have any at all. As this universal angst grows, so will the gap between those with and those without. When we choose fear over faith and we live in a constant state of worry we cannot move forward. Our doubts are our biggest lessons and it shows us what is really bothering us deep down inside. We can then choose to say no to fear and start to accept the blessings of life as they are.

As much as we want to pretend that we hate fear, we actually crave it and attract it when we keep focusing on our hate for it. Here I am writing this to explain our attachment to fear and now am constantly attracting more fear. But I can choose now to let it go or hold it in. With our awareness of this strength that fear has over us, we can practice reacting with courage in the midst of all the worries. We say no more to fear because it only keeps us down and holds us back.

Let go of fear. Choose courage over comfort.

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