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Garden Grounding & Self Care

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As we probably know, all growth begins with the essentials: love, care and attention. Every garden deserves the best care to produce the most abundance and nutrients and needs these essentials. However, it is difficult to give something that we may be lacking ourselves. When caring for a garden, we must also care for ourselves so that we can give our garden the best energy and love we have. Luckily, gardening is a form of self-care itself and can bring our mind, body and soul plenty of support. By connecting with the earth, we are becoming one with nature in its true pure form, as it was intended.

Self-care can encompass various elements of our lifestyle and takes time to develop a healthy self care plan or routine that fits us each individually. In my experience, some of the best self-care can be done in the garden or on the farm. Weeding is a great activity to get your hands in the dirt while practicing mindfulness or meditation. Clearing bush (trees, shrubs and weeds) elevates your heart rate building cardiovascular endurance while also clearing the mind of stress or emotions of anger. Watering seedlings and plants brings us joy to know we are caring for another form of life and keeps us accountable for daily garden care. All of these examples can benefit us in multiple ways and the list of relaxing garden activities goes on. Even just spending time in the garden or in nature is helpful to our health by breathing in the oxygen from plants while reading a book, walking around exploring, or journaling.

For me, journaling has become a big part of my self-care routine and has brought awareness of my daily habits and lifestyle overall. Bringing journaling into the garden has opened new doors and allowed for amazing growth, for the plants and for myself. Not only is it helpful for keeping track of watering, pests or plant growth, it also gives us time to slow down and be present in the garden. By doing this, we add meaning to our garden relationship and can get to the roots of some of our biggest mental roadblocks. Gratitude for our health and our garden will nurture more abundance and remind us to appreciate all that we have on this beautiful planet we call home.

Take time today to move about your garden and think about how you can improve your garden self care ritual. Everyone has their own way to connect, so find which ways work best for you and be brave to try new ideas without fear.

We created a 21-day garden journal perfect for any level gardener seeking more depth to their garden experience. Our journal challenges the mind to think deeper and get grounded for our own self care and also for the love of planet earth and all plants. Dig in to your new journal by following the link to the 82 & Sunny Garden Journal at today!

Learn more about 82 & Sunny here!

~Lettuce grow together~

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