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In our Western society, we are surrounded by privilege. Most of our privilege we are unaware of at all because it has been a part of our world for so long. However, if we look back at history, we can see how this privilege has been abused time and time again. Although we are taught that this privilege is better for us all and that we should be grateful to have so much opportunity, some of this has now come back to bite us. Let's look at some of the most basic privileges that our society has taken advantage of and used in such selfish ways throughout history. Guns, germs, and steels, these elements have allowed Western society to colonize and control many parts of the world. With guns we have killed millions of innocent people throughout history, many times in the name of God. How ironic that many religious texts state "thou shall not kill".

Leading by example is something Western society has done well, but not for the greater good. Germs have spread rapidly throughout regions in the world because the Westerners left their environment and were not able to adapt biologically to these changes. Instead of allowing our bodies to detox these germs and to heal, we have continued to live our life of privilege and indulge in unhealthy foods, use unnatural remedies and hold fear in our bodies which prevent proper healing. Our privilege has failed us to acknowledge that only nature and the truth will set us free from our misery. When we focus on the negative in our life, we attract more of that energy. By being ungrateful and greedy, we have blocked the potential to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Now is the time that our planet has reached its limit and is bringing karma to those places it is most deserved. Until we learn to take off our crown and realize the truth of what we have done to this planet and society, we will not be able to heal.

Unfortunately, those with the most power are aware of this inequality and they continue to cause suffering to those without awareness of their privilege. Only once we have awareness and become grateful for all that we have can we truly regain peace on Earth. Depending on your perspective, you are either living in heaven or in hell. There is no life after death because our souls are eternal and will survive through the end of time, only being reborn in different forms of matter. We are all energy connected and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. If we focus on the negative aspects of life, we will be living in hell as a victim blaming everyone else for our misery. But until we wake up and realize that we are in control of our reality can we then find our harmony in heaven.

Our mind is a powerful place and we can only perceive what we believe. If we choose to change our mindset, the universe will bring all positive opportunities our way. Living in fear will only attract more fear and will not allow our mind, body and soul to heal. Every moment we are healing from the emotional pain that we cause upon ourselves as the victims we claim to be. Until we detach from all emotional pain and identities, we will not be able to be present in our healing process. Becoming unprivileged may not be easy or possible for everyone but at least gaining awareness of your privilege can help you become more grateful for all that you have in life and not take it for granted.

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