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Livin' La Vida Loca

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Life in Mexico is awesome. Some days are exciting and unpredictable, some are just chill. Probably the best tacos I’ve ever had before. But life here can also be crazy. I guess it’s really just about your perspective and who you spend time with most. Crazy isn’t good or bad it’s just it’s own category of description. For me, crazy has meant a lot of things but slightly different than what most people think.

When I was in college if you told me that Mexico was crazy I would assume you meant you drank a lot of tequila and tried some other party favors. But now, it’s been quite the opposite of that. I have drank little to no tequila on this trip to Mexico, surprisingly. As a new mom I’m loving this new crazy adventure of life with a baby and a family. We just live now and do what needs to be done for each other.

Crazy looks different as a mom, sometimes it’s the lack of sleep bags under your eyes look or the baby throw up on my shirt I don’t bother cleaning before leaving the house look. Either way, I’m sure if you’re a mom you can relate to one of these looks at one point in your life. Whether you want to admit it or not, being a new parent is tiring. If you’re a mom who is breastfeeding, you’re even more tired, so crazy is more common than most.

Let’s all remember how we feel when we need a good nap before versus afterwards, the difference is huge. I really under appreciated naps until being a mom. In college my saying was “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. My mom even found a sticker that said that and sent it to me. But now, sleep is like gold. I want more of it than I can even fit in a day to catch up for all the hours lost. Only a few more years until she goes to college…

Although this version of “crazy” may be different for everyone in Mexico, we are happy with the craziness. For us, we go on spontaneous trips that turn into a weekend vacation or have a bbq with people speaking English, Spanish, French, Italian and more. The amount of stuff you need for a baby is crazy and I learned really quick to always be prepared with diapers, hats and lots of clothes!

I didn’t take photos of every meal I had in Mexico so far but here are a few traditional dishes that are worth trying again and again! Check out my NOURISH page to see photos







—Tortilla Soup





Malecon Puerto Vallarta

Zona Romantica

Los Sauces

Marina Vallarta

Botanical Garden

Eden Mismaloya

Bucerias Flea Market

Marina La Cruz


Conchas Chinas


Punta de Mita

San Pancho


Garza Blanca

Hyatt Ziva



Las Aralias

Marina Vallarta

Romantic Zone- Los Arcos


Carnitas Tacos Street Truck in Los Sauces

Mr. Cream

Cafe de Bucerias


Milk & Tea

Sonora Prime*

El Set

Karen’s Place*

Gusto Lounge

Thanks for reading! Share your travel stories below in the comments :)


Globo Mama

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