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Quality > Quantity

This may seem like an obvious or cliché phrase, but it still holds value. As we become more aware of our actions, thoughts and emotions we realize where some areas of our life may be out of balance. Whether we want to admit it or not, almost everyone has some imbalances and can improve their lifestyle to be more healthy in some way. But this isn’t meant to point out our imperfections, it is to share perspectives on how to find better balance using awareness or self care practices that help us in all aspects of our lives.


As we get older we realize how important it is to have a few people you really trust rather than a bunch of people you can’t rely on. Any time life throws big changes or you “hit rock bottom” you will find out who is there for you and who is not. Hold onto those people who stuck around and make sure they are appreciated and reach out whenever they cross your mind. Quality friends are not easy to find and we can all use some more good friends to call when feeling sad or lonely, especially for those who are working remotely or living alone. Strong relationships help creating a legacy and giving back to your family and community all possible and worth it.


This could get controversial but I want to just show how balance is important in different ways and this is a great example. When you travel you feel another type of high or feeling of euphoria exploring a new place and the constant adventure adrenaline rush. But sometimes we need to just relax and be in a space that is familiar and around people we know and love. Even people who chose to live nomadically, take time to stay in one place for a while to just chill and not overdo it making themselves exhausted. Research where you want to go before going there and make sure you know about the local culture and manners to avoid disrespecting anyone unintentionally. Choosing where you want to go can happen naturally but also should be with intention and purpose to learn and immerse yourself in a new environment.


Yes movement is medicine and we all need to move more, especially if we work at a desk or watch TV. Sometimes we do too much exercise and then we get injured or need to take a rest and find it so hard to do. Finding balance in our workout routine is important too and knowing when to give yourself some healthy rest and get back out there when you feel ready. Focus on getting quality movement that gets your heart rate up and also allows you time to warm up and cool down. Getting quality rest is also important to be able to move and be healthy, if you don't feel good always take a nap first, then go for a run, sweat out what you don't need.


Living in America it feels like its normal to overeat and indulge on the regular. Everyone is celebrating their birthday, holidays, or just going to sunday brunch. Our portions are super big and sometimes we just order more because we didn’t eat all day and then realize it was too much food bring it home and let it sit in the fridge then throw it out 2 days later. Why do we do this?? Instead we can plan out our meals or buy smaller amounts of food when going out to eat. Listen to our body and our intuition, slow down and just breathe and drink water before eating. Where our food comes from is a big deal and not enough people want to talk about it because we really don't know what is in half the food we eat. We act like it is normal but other people around the world know it is not.


Did you know you can actually flush out your vitamins and salt by drinking too much water? People can become deficient in areas they never experienced before when they start drinking a lot more water than the nutrients they are consuming. This also goes hand in hand with what we eat because a healthy gut will help us absorb exactly what our bodies needs and drinking water keeps us hydrated and healthy to let go of what we do not need. However, the quality of our water and where it comes from and what type of container it is in all matters and has an impact on our health.


Whether we want to admit it or not, if you have a home or your own space, you probably have a lot of stuff. Some people live minimally or with zero waste, but most people produce a lot of waste and buy/keep things they don’t need or use often. Creating a list of what we need vs want can help eliminate some of the clutter and also thinking first before impulse buying online or doing more research.


Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay. But we don’t have to let it control or ruin our lives the way people fear. We can have awareness to say when we want to use it and realize when it has gone too far. Acknowledging that we can use technology to learn, connect and do amazing things, we can do things faster and then use our time wisely to do more thing we love. This is the best part about it when you can find the perfect balance.

Regardless of what area you may be seeking balance, there is no perfect solution. Every journey is unique and follows a different flow that takes time to establish. Each day we are learning and relearning beliefs and things about ourselves that we can change to become who we want to be. First comes awareness, but then comes the willingness and courage to change.

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