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It is time to wake up.

Open your eyes today. What do you see in the morning?

I see the light shining through the window and the face of the man I love. I also see myself in all of this I see, because I am now awake.

Just because you open your eyes in the morning, it does not mean that you are really awake. When you are awake you see everything in you and see yourself in everything. Once you wake up you can see that it is all connected. We do not need to separate or define something that just is. Not to say that everything has no meaning, but that it doesn't need to prove us anything. We are the ones seeing what we see, and we all see it in our own way. This doesn't change what it is, it just gives us the ability to create a story that we enjoy.

We all grew up hearing stories, whether in a book, on a screen or verbally. Some stories are crazy and wild, while others are peaceful and inspiring. Every story is unique for the person telling it and the person listening. These stories will change over time through our perceptions and beliefs we project onto each story, mostly unknowingly. So when we wake up we can see that we are not in control of every story and that we don't need to give so much energy to these stories.

Now, we can say, "Wow, what a great story. I feel so empowered listening. Thank you for sharing with me."

Sometimes we might hear a story that we don't like and it makes us upset and our energy changes. Why should we allow others' words and stories affect our mood and energy?

Waking up is being able to recognize those feelings and not hold on to them for too long. We can now be present and listen to the story without getting attached to any of our beliefs that the story brings up. We realize that we cannot rewrite every story or try to convince others that our story is the truth because we don't need the validation from everyone. We know that someone who is awake will share a story without any intention to persuade or sell anything, they simply share for fun. Those who are not awake will often feel many emotions from a story and want to share their view to prove their worth. When you are awake, you know that stories do not define your worth and you can save your energy.

So now, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, listen to your body, not your brain, and just feel whatever emotions or energy that are there. No need to change or control them, just simply observe and breathe. Now, whenever you are ready, tell yourself that you are not your emotions, or any story, you are just you, perfectly made as you are.

Open your eyes and wake up.

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