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What is yoga?

It's not just a trend or a workout class.

Yoga is more than just stretching. If you have ever taken a yoga class or practiced yoga, you might agree, or not. Yoga is more than just one class or one experience, it truly is a lifestyle. Yoga is an art that encompasses many elements, sutras, limbs, chakras and values.

Branches of the Tree

  • Karma: service/mind/no ego

  • Bhakti: emotional/devotion/prayer/chant/mantras

  • Raja: mystical/royal/postures/flow/cleansing/breathing/meditation/quiet the mind (8 limbs)

  • Jñāna: intellectual/philosophy/knowledge/reflection/meditation/journal/education/teaching

Limbs of the Tree

  • YAMA Moral Values/Mindset

  • NIYAMA Self Care/Consumption/Cleansing/Rest

  • ASANA Posture/Movement

  • PRANAYAMA Breathwork

  • PRATYAHARA Loss of senses

  • DHARANA Focus/Concentration

  • DHYANA Deep Meditation

  • SAMADHI Enlightenment

Elements of Life

  • Earth (grounding, nature, safety, support, root)

  • Water (cleansing, soothing, pleasure, sacral)

  • Fire (passion, energy, motivation, transformation, navel)

  • Wind (movement, motion, heart)

  • Space (rest, spirit, consciousness, throat)

Although we may think Yoga is always peace love and happiness, it’s also learning to say no and respecting your own boundaries. Yoga doesn’t have a definition that fits everyone, we have to create a connection that is unique to our story. Some people might start yoga on the mat, while some may begin walking in nature. Giving back is also a big part of the foundations of Yoga and can be done in big and small ways every day.

We often practice yoga each day, but without the awareness it lacks the necessary love and intention to enable healing. Without awareness of our posture, our thoughts, our interactions with others, how we act and believe, there can be no synchronicity to connect us with our highest energy. Just like physics, we all are made of matter and energy and have the full potential to be our best selves. Remember what you are made of and you will realize you are doing Yoga more than you might think.

Reflect on how you feel by journaling, talking with a friend, or sharing in a comment below. Thank you for reading and for being here today being your best self.

I am happy, healthy & free


Globo Mama

Aka Kenzie

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